Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The recent floods made me start thinking about the fact that our cupboards were pretty much bare and it made me pretty uncomfortable. So I've decided to start stockpiling again - just building it up a bit at a time. I have to admit though I purchased a "freezer filler" bulk meat pack - 1/2 cow and 1/2 pig (actually I think it was really a whole pig because I didn't want the 1/2 lamb that was supposed to be there as well). So that wasn't exactly slow :) I picked up a few extra things when I did the grocery shopping - an extra couple of bags of flour, tin of tomatoes etc.

Speaking of shopping, I've started trying to shop monthly - did my first shop last week. It was doing my head in a bit deciding what we needed, but fingers crossed I didn't do too badly. I'll keep my shopping list as a bit of a master list and see how I go.

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