Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just leave me alone..

The hardest part I find about having a child is the lack of alone time. I'm a very solitary person - I need time to myself to be able to function properly. My favourite times are when I'm by myself - many days when I work at home I don't even have the radio or music on - just blissful silence. Even when I'm with close friends or family I need to wander off by myself for a little while to regroup. That's one reason I couldn't do teaching full-time - as much as I love it, it's very draining for me to be around people so much. I prefer my own company, and that of my online friends, as I can choose when I want to be sociable.

Unfortunately I've been 'blessed' with a child who doesn't like to be on his own for any longer than 10 minutes, who needs constant stimulation and loves noise. I have 3 days/week where he's at preschool which is my sanity saver - unfortunately this term I've been so flat out on those 3 days with training, my course or meeting with clients that I haven't had much alone time lately. And I'm really starting to suffer from it.

I'm so hard to explain how I feel to people - I think only people who share my 'affliction' will understand. My grandfather was a bit of a hermit - I think I've inherited it from him :)


Soapguru23 said...

I'm a hermit too hun. So I know how you feel, LOL. Try having 2 kids and now wanting another one, LOL, I must be insane!! PMSL
But seriously...are you a virgo like me??
Christie oxo

Kez said...

Glad you can understand - you must be mad though wanting #3!! lol

Actually I'm a Scorpio :)

lightening said...

I know how you feel kez. Only it took me quite a while and a nervous breakdown to realise it. I do enjoy being around people but it does take a lot out of me and I'm learning that I do benefit from having alone time.