Sunday, April 15, 2007

Container gardening

I admit it - I'm a lazy gardener! If I have to do something with a plant on a regular basis, it has to be right in front of me and in my face, otherwise I forget. My vege patch down in the backyard languished because it was 'out of sight, out of mind'. So I've started container gardening - growing plants in a styrofoam box (free from Aldi of course!) right at the back door. They're nice and close, I walk past them on the way to the clothes line so I don't forget about them and I can easily use waste water from the kitchen to water them. Plus they should be a bit more protected from the frost and get the heat from the bricks. I'll use the back vege garden for things I don't have to spend a lot of time on, like potatoes and pumpkin.

So far I have tomatoes doing really well - we've gotten close to 1kg of Roma tomatoes from 1 plant, and have just planted some peas as well. I've also just ordered some 'year round' lettuce, some basil & oregano (have already planted parsley), plus cucumbers, passionfruit and watermelon.

tomato plant gone wild!
There's only 1 tomato plant in there!

Pea plant just poking it's head up.

Yummy homegrown tomatoes
Yummy homegrown Roma tomatoes!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I just bought some Roma tomato seeds :D

Im growing some herbs at the moment. Mints definitely seem to be really hardy! Have a look at for some interesting variations.

Ooh and you can get dwarf fruit trees! :grins: ballerina apples take up little space.

Jade C

Kez said...

Thanks for the link Jade :)

fmll said...

Hi Kez, just came across your blog and was reading through it. Bless your cotten socks for container planting! It's all I'm able to do right now so nice to see someone elses results!