Sunday, April 29, 2007

Are you lonesome tonight?

I had quite a productive day today. I was doing a task on the computer (including a few overdue ones that I've been procrastinating over) then a task up and about (washing, folding, cleaning etc etc). Apart from being constantly interrupted by Billy, I achieved quite a lot.

I'm feeling rather lonesome atm. Mum & Dad, Janelle & the kids left on holidays on Friday, and Pete is away for work - he left yesterday and will be back on Saturday. So far Billy and I haven't killed each other being stuck at home together over the weekend, so we may make it through the week! I thought it was just him but discussions over on Real Mums seem to indicate that arguing about every little thing is a 4 year old trait!

Nothing major to report here - we've had some rain which was nice - even better that some fell where it was needed. I've hopefully got a new website contract - I've done the initial design so fingers crossed they like it. I'm in the midst of setting up offering hosting packages as well - hopefully that will work out ok. I still haven't heard back about a big contract that I did a quote for - the client is waiting on the funding ok. Other than that there is another website in the pipeline, but that's about it. It's very quiet atm - I'm probably averaging 3-4 hrs/wk when my aim is 15 hrs/wk, so finances are pretty tight :(

Friends of ours got married last weekend - Billy had a 'sleepover' at Mum & Dads, so we got to sleep in on Sunday morning - yay! I was talking to a lady at the reception and she mentioned that kindy enrolments for next year were opening this week, she thought. So I rang up on Monday - sure enough they did, so Billy's application is now lodged for kindergarten 2008! We have to have an interview in a couple of months, and they select the ones they want. Tough process! I thought I'd be over the moon putting his enrolment form in, but I have to admit to a touch of sadness that he's growing up. (Still can't wait for him to be in school 5 days/wk though :))

I'm really struggling with some things atm - growing the business to get more income vs working less and cutting spending, specialising vs diversifying. My trouble is that I always compare myself to where others are and come up short (in my mind at least) - I really need to stop doing it! (way easier said than done!) I wonder if everyone feels this way sometimes?

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