Saturday, January 20, 2007

Business Mums Network Blogging Challenge

In December I found and joined the Business Mum's Network run by Melissa Khalinsky. It's a wonderful resource for Australian mums of all ages who run a business - many of us have young kids and work from home and thus face all of the same challenges despite having so many different businesses! I've learnt so much already from the group and it's completely changing the way I approach my business.

Anyway Melissa has given us the first of many Blogging challenges to kickstart our blogs. The 1st challenge is to announce the challenge, so a tick for me :)

Some of the other mums taking part are:

Melissa Khalinksy -
Anne Maybus -
Gina Rahmel -
Michele Elmas - and
Justine Barsley -
Michelle Sweeney -
Amy Herman -
Shelli Crane -
Kylie Short -
Amanda Cox -
Sarah -

Why not check out their blogs too?

1 comment:

pinkapple said...

As a new member of Business Mums and a blogger myself, I'll be using this to up my own ante.
Good luck. I look forward to watching developments.