Wednesday, January 24, 2007

BMN Challenge 2

Challenge 2 of the Business Mum's Network Blogging challenge is to recommend a site I like.

While not directly related to my business, my favourite site is It's a site all about saving money, frugal hints and tips etc. The membership section has a "vault" with lots of hints submitted by members, but the best thing about it is the forum. Just like the Business Mum's Network, it has an extremely active forum with the most wonderful members. It's such a supportive place. It is indirectly related to my business, because without the savings I've made by implementing tips from the SS site, I wouldn't be able to have my own business and would be back at a full-time job I hated.

A really cool site I love that *is* related to my business is - it's a showcase for what you can do with Cascading Stylesheets and I find it so cool!

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Diva said...

The Zen Garden site is lovely. What a great find. Thanks for your blog, Kez.