Sunday, November 12, 2006


I finally got motivated enough to do some planting today. I have a big garden down the back but I have to admit to letting it get over-run. I get keen, clear it out, plant and then because it's either too hot or too cold and too far away, I don't get back to it. I'm not a very consistent gardener :(

So I got a foam box from Aldi (discarded fruit box), and have planted some salad vegetables at the back door. Tomatoes (cherry & Roma), carrots and spring onions. It may or may not work but it's worth a try! I'll get some lettuce seedlings once I see how these go. I also replanted the parsley and oregano in my hanging baskets, and Billy planted some flower seeds in another pot - I'm pretty sure the seeds were waaaay out of date so I'd be very surprised if anything came up but at least he felt useful!


kazari_lu said...

Lucky you!
I'd love to grow vegies, but we're renting and the landlady does the garden...
good luck with the salad vegies

HRH said...

Danyal planted conkers this year - hope they dont grow!! I have some bulbs to plant and this year i would really like to try tomatoes - esp after my disastor last year with radish and carrots