Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Western Australia - Pt 5

The next day was a special 11th birthday so the morning started with opening a few presents. He'd received some before the trip so I didn't have to lug them all the way over to WA :)

Then we headed to Whale World, an historic precinct on the site of Australia's last whaling station. The station ceased whaling in 1978.

An example of the roadside scenery.

Dodging rain showers, we began by exploring the whaling ship Cheynes IV...

...before taking a guided tour of the facility. It was quite gruesome and gave us a great appreciation that Australia is no longer involved in whaling. I was here as a kid in Dec 1978 - which would have been just after it closed and reopened as a tourist facility - and it reeked to high heaven. Thankfully the smell has dissipated in the passing years!

Not sure why I'm getting a filthy look in this photo :)

We had lunch at the Whaling Station's cafe - it was warm and outside was freezing! - then off to nearby attractions Natural Bridge and The Gap. Spectacular - and on a warm day it would have been nice to just stand and appreciate it longer :) As it was, we were soon bundled back in the van.

After doing a few things in Albany itself - like getting my glasses fixed and buying a birthday cake - which was a long story involving no bakeries and me getting absolutely drenched! - we booked into a caravan park. 

I was planning to catch up with an online friend to have a quick walk and chat, but the rain made that impossible so she came to our van for a cuppa. Birthday boy received a few birthday calls, and we chilled out.

We went out for dinner that night, then came home and celebrated with cake.

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