Saturday, September 21, 2013

Western Australia - Pt 3

In Busselton, we visited the longest wooden jetty / pier in the southern hemisphere (2km). Unfortunately, the underwater observatory at the end of it was closed due to poor sea visibility, but we caught the little train out to the end of the jetty anyway.

Quokky took advantage of the sunshine to sit and have a refreshing apple juice with lunch.

After lunch, we went to an outdoor archery range for a quick round of field archery. 

The next day in the Margaret River area was pretty busy. It started with a trip to the wonderful Ngilgi Cave where we went on a semi-guided tour. We were taken into the cave, told the history and about the formations and then left to wander around ourselves at our own pace.

That afternoon we went to Yallingup Maze - a giant timber maze - where we spent far too much time trying to find our way to the four towers (damn false walls lol), and far too much money on puzzles in the shop :) Every table in the cafe had puzzles and games out so you could play with them while eating. Very clever marketing! We ended up buying a metal knot puzzle and a Rubik's Cube to replace Billy's old one which had broken.

Our caravan park was near the charmingly named Cowaramup - we had to stop and look at the fibreglass cows :)

And since the caravan park was also a working farm, the visiting kids got to feed the animals that evening.

This is where our lovely weather ran out with heavy rain over night :(

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jugglingpaynes said...

Maybe you had rain, but it looks like you had such a wonderful trip up to this point! I love the animals and the cave. Thank you for posting your adventures, the photos are stunning!

Peace and Laughter!