Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Homeschooling Monthly Memories - August 2012

We were away for almost 2 weeks during August, but still managed to pack in lots of learning.

Cubs 'Curriculum':
  • Billy wasn't at Cubs much in July due to us being away and clashes with Peter Pan rehearsals.  When he was there, they worked on codes and Promise & Law activities.

Intentional Learning:

Creative Arts

  • Rehearsals are well underway for Peter Pan (Billy is playing Curly, a Lost Boy) with it ramping up to several rehearsals each week. 
  • He's made a green screen using cardboard and has been playing around with green-screening special effects and other video techniques using video editing software.
  • He's been watching a youTube series called Film Riot  to learn more video editing & filming techniques.
  • We visited both the Archibald Prize exhibition and the Walkley Press Photography Award Exhibition.

Archibald Prize exhibition

Walkley Press Photography exhibition

  • Australian history

    • We continued our reading of Thomas Appleby - Convict Boy by Jackie French
    • We watched the BHP Sound and Light show at Newcastle Museum showing how steel-making used to happen in the area
      The BHP Sound & Light show

  • He watched a Brain Pop movie on the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and we discussed it.


Murderous Maths - Awesome Arithmetricks

  • We're working through the Murderous Maths book 'Awesome Arithmetricks' as our maths 'spine'
  • Topics covered included subtraction with borrowing.
  • He's been testing his addition skills using a MathEd tablet app game.

Science & Technology

  • We visited the hands-on Science section at Newcastle Museum.
  • He's watched BrainPop movies about bacteria, atoms, gravity and the phases of the moon
  • He's worked with RPG Game Maker and video editing software & green-screening techniques
  • We visited Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Sea World.
One of many native Australian animals at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Little Penguin feeding at Sea World

  • Storywriting
  • Discussion of synonyms
  • BrainPop movie about the book Frankenstein, Mary Shelly and the Romanticism era

  • Billy did a High Ropes challenge course on the Gold Coast

As well as the usual:
  • martial arts, circus, archery and AFL (AFL has now finished for the year)
  • time spent hanging out with friends and family

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