Monday, November 28, 2011

Less stressful Xmas

I commented to a friend yesterday that I felt so much more organised for Xmas this year, even though we're hosting it this year - most of my present buying has been done, menu organised.  I'm not feeling stressed (as yet).  I said it was the most organised I'd been in years.

And then I started thinking why.  This time last year, we were organising passports, tickets & itinerary for going to the US in Feb.  Billy had his performances of Wind in the Willows, rehearsals & a cast party.  We went away for a week to Coffs Harbour in Dec (combining a work trip for Pete and a holiday).  We had a homeschool excursion, swimming lessons and art classes.

No wonder this year feels relaxed by comparison!

And yes, I am aware I've probably just jinxed things :)


Amy said...

I hope your holiday season continues to be non-stressful for you Kez!:-)

Suji said...

Ha! I feel better now, LOL. Seriously though, hope everything goes well and you have a wonderful celebration this year.

william smith said...

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jugglingpaynes said...

I know what you mean. We spent one Christmas season running around gathering what was need for a passport and working papers for Marina. It's not fun when you have to do extra legwork that doesn't even prepare you for the upcoming holiday.

Of course, this year I'm releasing a book during the Christmas season. I guess I've managed to overwhelm myself again!

Peace and Laughter,