Monday, February 08, 2010

Exploring our local area: Karuah

40 mins drive from us is a little town called Karuah - the highway to Brisbane now bypasses it and it's a sleepy little town (but welcoming according to the website!) Other than travelling through it, I have no memories of ever stopping there, so I wasn't sure what to expect when we headed there for a weekend away.

My sister and nieces, and Billy & I shared a cabin at the caravan park and Mum & Dad took their van. We spent a lovely extended weekend there, with the kids going fishing & swimming, we all explored the mangroves that were literally right outside our verandah, did lots of mud-crab and bird-watching, jumped on the giant jumping pillow (well the kids and I did anyway!) and even took in a wetlands walk on the way home in honour of World Wetlands Day last week.

We found a lovely park there that will be great for day trips to go fishing.

The only down side to the whole weekend was the @#$%^ midges / sandflies! But I guess you get that when you're camped on the edge of a mangrove!

The view from our cabin's verandah!

Water lillies at the Karuah Wetlands

We spent hours watching and photographing mud crabs. They were fascinating!


libby said...

Looks like a lovely place Kerrie. Great photos.


Louise said...

What a great place Kez- and yes eurk to the horrible little bities-

we are finaly back online and loving catching up with your blog.


Tracy said...

Show like a great place minus the bugs!

Risa said...

Love seeing the photos--those summer scenes do a body good when trapped in what seems like endless winter! :-)