Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Ah packing to go on holidays.. The activity that guarantees you will *need* a holiday by the time you leave!

This one has been more exciting than most - it's the first long trip away in our new van, so I have to decide where to put everything. We seem to have heaps of storage space (although I can't stop the niggle that says if we have so much space then I've obviously forgotten to pack something!), it's just trying to use it most efficiently so the most used things are easily accessible.

I took some photos of the van today - I've now managed to put it up *by myself* - TWICE! It's fairly easy to put up - except when you're 5ft & a smidge and need a chair to stand on :)

This is how it looks folded down flat - it sits a bit flatter than this, but I'd already undone the clips that hold it down.

First step is to push the roof up - you push one side up and the other slides up too and pops into place.

Second step is to jump inside and push the walls up into place. They clip in place from inside.

View from the other side (with the chair I need lol)

View from inside looking towards the front. The table (currently propped up against the seat) folds down to form the single bed. There is storage underneath each seat, as well as at the front.

View towards the back. The double bed lifts up for heaps more storage, plus the drawers on the side.

The packing is pretty much done - or at least the major things. We had our old van fairly well equipped, so most of it has just come across, but some things needed to be replaced. I still need to pack clothes, last minute food & more activity stuff for us (particularly for Master B), but we're getting there!

I'm actually starting to get quite excited about the trip now!


libby said...

The van looks great. Where are you off to?


Kez said...

Down South via the coast for about a week (We'll wave as we go past your area!), then Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballarat areas etc, then back up via Canberra. That's the rough plan anyway!

Kebeni said...

I have just given you an award, check it out on my blog

EC said...

We've talked about getting one of those!!! How fun that you have one!!

Joy said...

What a cute camper! Hope you are having a lovely time.